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January 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have recently become members of the CAGI - the Compressed Air & Gas Institute.

Read below for more information on CAGI:

The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) is a trade association with a long history of service to manufacturers and users of compressed air systems. For 100 years, CAGI has been the leading source of manufacturer and product information for compressed air professionals.

The CAGI membership includes manufacturers of air and gas compressors, blowers, pneumatic tools, and compressed air and drying equipment that are used in most manufacturing, construction, mining and process industries. In liaison with governmental departments and agencies, and with collaboration of our members, CAGI has developed and published the standards and engineering data for air and gas compressors and related equipment.

As the united voice of the industry, CAGI will be launching an email program that will allow subscribers to have access to the latest news, technology, and educational materials to help you maximize the efficiency of your own compressed air systems. This information will be supplied to subscribers on an “opt-in” basis. Subscription to this information is not tied to the sale of products and services, it is intended to provide industry information and guidance on best practices. If you would like to receive future communication from CAGI on the latest information on compressed air systems, please click the link below to update your preferences.

Additionally, the CAGI website ( offers many resource materials such as selection guides, videos and an online training course.

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