Introducing our newest addition. RCF 870 Fan Cooled Vacuum Pump



  • 4″ Piping Configuration
  • Air Injection Cooling for continuous high vacuum operation
  • Vane Wear Check Ports
  • Integral Automated Lubrication System
  • Low Oil Consumption
  • Belt, Drive, Hydraulic or Angle Drives
  • CC or CCW Rotation
  • Top or Side mount configuration available
  • Air Intake Filter
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Patent Pending

RCF870 Specifications

Approximate Air Flow 512 CFM
Maximum Vacuum 28.5”Hg/30 PSI
Size of Hoses 4”
Operating Speed 1400 RPM
Lubrication (Oil Pump) Automatic
Vanes 8 (Kevlar)
Air flow at 18” Hg 460 CFM
Approx. net Pump weight 575 lbs

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